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We are privileged to be a partner of the Isle of Man UNESCO Biosphere and support its principles and ideals.

The Nunnery is striving to be an exemplar nature conservation site by protecting our natural resources through tree species preservation and re-foresting previously grazed areas with the planting of new trees and allowing Manx wildflowers to germinate in the meadows. The existing trees on the estate form a canopy, essential for maintaining wildlife diversity. The trees are part of the ecology of the area, which includes the feeding, breeding, and roosting of birds and bats.

We strive to make our environmental impact positive by continually improving our energy conservation. This is achieved through water-saving taps, solar lighting, and measures taken throughout all the buildings to curb unnecessary heating and light wastage, via motion-detecting lights and not heating unoccupied areas of these buildings. Recycling is taken seriously with an operational re-cycling hub for the estate’s use. Speed limits are observed for the protection and safety of people, small animals, and birds.

With a strong belief in the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, core to our mission is the strength of the ‘Collective’ to unleash potential and possibility. Partnerships are being established with local schools and specific interest groups and organisations, such as Manx BirdLife, Isle of Man Fungus Group, Manx Bat Group. We are on a learning path with the experts from these respected groups on how better to protect and enrich our natural fauna and flora.

The Nunnery supports and promotes Manx cultural heritage with sites of interest such as the famed St Brigette’s Well, Chibbyr Vreeshey and the Battle of Inkerman Canon which stands proud in the grounds.