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When visiting The Nunnery, you are invited to stroll through the grounds and enjoy our sculpture trail and natural surrounds.  Several magnificent art pieces have been erected on the estate to form a sculpture trail.  The gardens are spacious and luxuriant and the surrounding fields, finely interspersed with woods and waters, present an exquisite landscape.  The lush green lawns, gigantic trees and gardens provide a tranquil and picturesque backdrop for The Mansion House and The Garden Room.

‘Flight of Swallows – A Murmuration’ created by Helena Vogelzang – Sculptor

In Helena’s words, “Reaching great heights through collective effort”, is a celebration of the shape-shifting images formed in the sky by the migratory European Swallows who gather in their tens of thousands every evening, as they ready themselves for the nightly roost.  They darken the skies, forming swirling shapes before breakaway groups dive into the reedbeds, or grasslands, where they settle for the night.

The sculpture’s form, borrows from the design principles of the Golden Ratio, using an extruded format of the Fibonacci sequence as its point of origin.  The spiral structure, an engineering feat, results in a descriptive and uplifting artwork.

From its inception, this project has embodied the message of collaboration.  It has taken the collective effort between Patron, Creative and professional Artisans; a fluid team effort adapting and shape shifting resulting in the finished work.

Stream of Consciousness Series created by Anton Smit – Sculptor.

Eroded illusionistic space, effervescent grace.

This work investigates the landscape of the soul.  Having a fleeting glimpse of eternity.  It leaves you breathless.  Weightless – falling into the remains of love.  The dimness of our reflection in the mirror of the universe leaves us gasping for immortality, as we sink into the abyss of the self.

Reflect created by Anton Smit – Sculptor

The reflect group represents a circle of life, reflecting on sweet contemplation of each other, even though we think we are different we are all the same.  As we whisper in each other’s ears we become aware of a divine hush like surf receding from a glistening beach in the evening moonlight. 

Sculptor Anton Smit is widely revered for his overwhelming heads and monumental African sculptures, evoking themes of suffering, reconciliation, glory and sublimation, his works grace public and private collections countrywide and internationally.

“Spoken verse, the echoes of emotive lyrics and the rasping of sculptures in progress are customary sounds emitted from his studio.  Larger than life, Anton Smit is the embodiment of poetry, an apt term for this sculptor, derived from the term “making”.

Crouching Man created by Marco Olivier – Sculptor

Foetal crouching sitting position to weather the storms of life not lying down but rather in a seated position to be ready to jump into action as soon as the threat subsides.

Bowing Horse created by Marco Olivier – Sculptor

Proud stallion acknowledging the discipline instilled by his master.  Head held high and proud even when controlled.

Sculptor Marco Olivier’s career spans an interesting mix of industries including an early role as an aircraft engineer in the Air Force and then starting his own national designer furniture company ‘Marco Wrought Iron & Interior’ in his early 20’s.  From flights and furniture design, Marco then moved on to pursue a career as a full-time professional golfer where he qualified in the UK and had a Professional Golf Academy “The Swing Lab”.  His daughter Lisa attended the academy and soon became a top golfer herself – this was the first-time father and daughter worked together.

Marco’s passion to create and bring joy to people pushed him to start his first Bronze casting foundry in Cape Town in 2014.  His goal was to start his own art line and in 2017 Marco had his first art piece ready and it was simply amazing.  Today Marco’s sculptures are masterpieces and shares his innate passion for creative expression.

Pale Bellied Brent Geese created by Dave Tomlinson – Sculptor

Some twenty years back Dave was in the world of advertising, but on a day, he decided enough – he wanted more from his life. He wanted a fresh new creative passion where his hands, his eyes and his soul were at one. Dave chose sculpture, where his love for the third dimensional form could embrace nature, with wildlife being the focus. As a South African he has a passion for wide, open spaces, and the bush. He is fascinated by the thought that he is able to create sculpture that can give his clients feelings of peace, joy and happiness when remembering the stunning cameos of their own experiences.

Over the years, Dave’s sculptures have found their way into homes, businesses and institutions throughout the world and he has enjoyed a number of successful exhibitions in South Africa and abroad.

The Brent Goose is a small dark goose, a familiar sight around the estuaries and sea loughs on the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. They can be seen from September through to April particularly around the Langness, Derbyhaven and Sandwick Peninsula. These birds breed in the Canadian High Arctic and annually undergo the perilous migration to the Isle of Man, where virtually the entire population winters.